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Dirt Weekend, November 27-28, 2010, Nuvali, Sta. Rosa


Cross Country………………………….P700.00
Race Number with Timing Chip, Dri-Fit Shirt, Meal Stub

Race Number with Timing Chip, Dri-Fit Shirt, Meal Stub

Race Number with Timing Chip, Dri-Fit Shirt, Meal Stub

24 Hour Race………………………..P700.00 per member / P2,100 per team
Each member will get a Race Number, Dri-Fit Shirt, Meal Stub, and one head lamp per group

Four Cross……………………………….P500.00
Race Number, Dri-Fit Shirt, Meal Stub

Dirt Jump……………………………….P500.00
Race Number, Dri-Fit Shirt, Meal Stub

Flatland BMX……………………………….P500.00
Race Number, Dri-Fit Shirt, Meal Stub



  • Register at official registration sites in bike shops starting October 18, 2010
  • Option to CLAIM race kit or FOR DELIVERY (additional P80)
  • For Flatland BMX, Dirt Jump, Four Cross and 24 Hour Race claiming of race kits will be from November 15-26, 2010
  • For Cross Country, Downhill, and Duathlon claiming of race kits will be from November 22-26, 2010
  • Early Bird Registration start from October 18 and will end on October 30, 2010
  • Early Bird Registration will have a discount of P100
  • Registration is non-transferable and non-refundable
  • No discounts for multiple event registration
  • For 24 Hour Race Participants, each member must fill out one (1) form and attach all three (3) forms together


October 18, 2010

• Distribution of Registration Form in Shops

• Uploading of Registration Forms in Forums, Websites, Facebook

• Release of FAQs in Websites and Shops

October 30, 2010

• Deadline of Early Registration (less P100)

November 15, 2010

• Deadline of Registration

November 15-25, 2010

• Claiming of Race Kits for:

  1. Dirt Jump
  2. Flatland BMX
  3. Four Cross
  4. 24 Hour Race

November 22-25,2010

• Claiming of Rake Kits for:

  1. Cross Country
  2. Downhill
  3. Off-Road Duathlon


  • All Terra (6750 Libis, Robinsons Galleria,Ortigas Home Depot)
  • Bikeline (Paranaque)
  • Bikezilla (Ortigas)
  • Bike Town Cyclery (Makati)
  • Endless Bikeshop (Pasay and Taguig)
  • Ha-Ooh Bikeshop (Taytay Rizal)
  • John Wilkie (Marikina)
  • Life Cycle (Greenhills)
  • Ross (Cartimar)
  • Sabak (Sta.Rosa, Makati, Alabang)
  • South Cycle (Paranaque)
  • Planet Sports (Alabang, Los Banos, Powerplant Mall) - available on weekends only
  • Evoliving Center, NUVALI













Lunch for 24 Hour Race Participants

12:00 NOON

Awarding and Lunch for XC
Lunch Break for DH


Assembly for 24 Hour Race Participants






Awarding for Flatland BMX
Live Band (The Dawn)







End of Open Practice for 4x


Start of Four Cross


Start of Lunch of for Off Road Duathlon and Awarding


Start of Lunch Break for 4X Participants and Dirt Jump




Awarding of 4x, Off Road Duathlon and Dirt Jump



Why can’t I immediately get my race kit upon registration?

• We will be using timing chips for some events

• Each event has different freebies.

• You will also have your preferred shirt size upon claiming.

Can I register and join in two events?

Yes, you can join two events provided you are registered in both events you wish to join. This means paying 2 (two) registration fees and getting 2 (two) race kits.

Can I still register during the event day?

No. We will be using timing chips for Cross Country, Downhill, and Duathlon which will be programmed based on your registration details. Race Kits for the other events are also prepared prior to the event. This also allows each participant to get their preferred shirt sizes.

Can my place of registration and place of claiming my race kit be different?

Yes. You can register at a certain registration center and write a different shop or registration center as a place to claim your registration.


Place of registration: John Wilkie
Claim of race kit: Aling Tina, Maarat

Can I still change the place where I will claim my race kit after I submitted my registration form?

No. It is expected that you responsibly fill out your forms. 

We are a group of cyclist in one office, can we have special delivery for the race kits?

Group registration will be entertained and have a special fee if delivered in the same address for a minimum of 10pax per group.

Do I really need to show an ID?

Yes. We encourage proof of identification to assure that you are in the correct age bracket and discourage cheating.

What if I am registered already but cannot join the event anymore?

Registration is not transferable nor is it refundable. We suggest that you mark the event in your calendar and do not miss this gathering of mountain bikers. This is also discouraged because last minute changes are also used for cheating.

What if lose my claim stub?

It is important that you keep your claim stub. Failure to present a claim stub will have unreleased race kits until your registration form is traced with the organizer. We shall then contact you on how and where you can claim your race kits, and show you valid ID.

What if I misplaced or lose my race number with timing chip?

Your race kit is your responsibility upon claiming. You may still join the event and will have an additional fee for a special manual timing.



  1. The organizer has the right to classify a rider/participant in a certain category.
  2. Former Pro Rideres, Former National Team Members, Tour Veterans (Mad Tour, Tour of Cagayan, Fedex, Marlboro etc.) will be allowed ONLY in the Elite Category for Cross Country
  3. Protests should be filed 30minutes after the specified category protested finishes with a protest fee of P1,500.00
  4. The organizer has the last and final say on all decisions pertaining to the race.




Elite / Open / Sport

35 KM

Masters / Executive / Youth / Womens

20 KM

KIDS A and B

500 M



  1. Minimum tire size is 1.75
  2. Participation in Elite Category shall be open to riders 19 and over (Former and present National Team, Tour Participants Tour Veterans).
  3. Participation in the Open Category shall be open to NON-PRO or Amateur cyclist.
  4. Cancellation. In the event of a bad weather the organizers and national commissaires’ panel may decide to cancel the event.
  5. Before the start. The course of each event shall be defined before the start, and displayed at the official registration booth and other web announcements. Access to the circuit will be under the organizers’ control from the time that the organizers and officials appointed for the event arrives. Before that, access to the circuit shall be subject to the law in force and local rules governing the event venue.
  6. Riders must be at the starting line at the given call time to confirm that they are starting the event, in accordance to the timetable published.
  7. Riders must display their handle bar numbers during practice on the event day.
  8. Riders will be called to the start no earlier than 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the race. This period can be reduced where the number of riders allows. Five minutes before the call-up an announcement must be made over the public address system to inform riders of the fact, and again three minutes beforehand.
  9. The riders shall line up in the order in which they are called to the start line. The number of riders on each line will be decided by the organizers/national commissaire. The rider himself shall decide which position on the line to take.
  10. Once the riders are line up, warp up (by roller or turbo trainer, etc) is excluded inside or outside the start area.
  11. The start will be given by the starting line official using the following procedure: warnings 3, 2,1 minute, 30 seconds before the start, then a final announcement that the start will be given within the next 15 seconds. A starting pistol or a whistle will be used to give the start.
  12. Feeding is permitted only in the zones designated (water station every 2KM of the race route) for that purpose, which are also used as technical assistance zones.
  13. Physical contact between feeders/mechanics and riders will be permitted only in feed/technical assistance zones. Water bottles and food must be passed up to the rider by hand by the feeder/mechanic. The feeder/mechanic is not permitted to run alongside his rider.
  14. No rider may turn back on the course to reach a feeding/technical assistance zone. Any rider doing so will be disqualified.
  15. No helmet, no ride. No number no ride.




  1. Practice is allowed until 7:00am on the race day.
  2. Competition start at exactly 8:00am. This is a pre-determined start time of the timing chip and will follow the rider’s list as the sequence.
  3. Rider’s list shall be posted in the start area and the finish area.

    Rider Time of Start
    Rider #001 08:00hrs (8:00am)
    Rider #002 +00:02 (8:02am)
    Rider #003 +00:04 (8:04am)
    Rider #004 +00:06 (8:06am)
  4. In case one rider failed to start, the rider immediately following him will still retain his original starting time
  5. The first run is the seeding run which will position the start times for the final run.
  6. Final Run will be the official time for each rider.
  7. No helmet, no ride. No race number, no ride.
  8. Practicing beyond the mentioned allowed time will be disqualified.
  9. Open/Elite/Pro riders should take the PRO LINE of the race track, using the option will be an additional 5seconds on the final time.





The race course is approximately 5.5 km a loop, consisting of both single and double track designed to accommodate all levels of riders. A Le mans style start will line racers up at the start without their bikes. When the gun goes off, racers run a pre-set course (approx. 200 meters) which brings them back to find their bikes and off onto the course. Each starting racer must be logged in prior to the start of the race and have his/her bike pre-positioned in the bike rack area.

***The route may change due to weather conditions.



1. Bikes

Things will break! Plan ahead and bring what you need for repairs.

  • Bring your own mountain bike
  • Approved lighting system for night riding
  • Blinker
  • Tons of extra batteries
  • Hydration pack and or water bottle(s)
  • Tires and tubes
  • Spare chain(s)
  • Bike tools
  • lubricants
  • Camping Gear
  • Toilet Paper
  • Garbage bags
  • Warm clothes for the early morning hours.
  • Minimum tire width must be 1.5 inches and must be knobby tires, no slicks and semi slicks allowed.

2. Food and Fuel

  • Plan your meals ahead of time. There will be no food onsite if you wish to purchase it and there are local restaurants and grocery stores.
  • You will need normal foods as well. Bring lots of food. You will be hungry. You cannot survive on energy bars and gels alone.
  • Bring foods that you easily digest such as pancakes, pasta, bagels, bananas, etc. You know best what your body can digest easily.
  • Bring lots of water
  • Cooking is allowed but bring your own cooking equipment and fuel.

3. Optional Equipment

  • Lantern
  • Stove and cookset
  • Blanket or Sleeping bag
  • Tent


Rules and Regulations

  • NOTE: Teams or individuals finish placing is dependent on the number of laps you complete at the end of 24 hours, no matter when you completed your last lap. We will not make you do an extra lap just so that you cross the finish line between noon and 1:00pm on Sunday. If you decide that you have raced enough laps at, for example, 6:00am, then that will be the number of laps considered when placing teams at the end of 24 hours.
  • Mandatory pre-race meeting Sat. at 9:00am at the Race site for all Team Captains.
  • Each team must designate a Captain to handle all official matters including the pre-race meeting, picking up registration packets, making sure all team members have completed their appropriate paperwork and signed waivers, etc.
  • Each team member must sign a waiver. Race numbers will not be given out for teams until all team members have signed a waiver. A waiver is available online and may be downloaded. If a team member cannot make registration then the team captain may turn in a signed waiver along with a copy of that team member’s authorization letter.
  • No refunds for any reason at any time. All team members must be listed on the entry form. If a member of a team drops out then another athlete may be substituted. You must notify the organizers of the substitution and the substitute must sign a waiver. Substitutions made before November 7 will be made free of charge. After August 7, a P200.00 late fee will be assessed.
  • Waiting riders must always check in with the transition official prior to starting their lap. Solo riders must check in with the transition official each time they finish a lap and before they begin their next lap.
  • Only team members and race officials are allowed in the transition area. Team I.D. number must be worn at all times when accessing the transitioned areas.
  • Dismount Area: Just prior to entering the Timing Tent you will see a designated Dismount Area. Riders finishing a lap must dismount completely in that area before entering the Timing Tent. This is much safer for everyone. Riders who do not completely dismount will receive a warning. Second offense, the lap is not counted. Riding on one pedal will also count as a penalty. Please dismount and walk or run across the timing line to the registrar. Bikes must be dismounted and walked through the transition area.
  • Timing will be done manually by registrar officials. We will be posting a lot of registrar officials in the transition area so as to prevent confusion in the counting of the racers laps.
  • Once on the course, a rider must complete his or her lap. Substitutions can only be made at the check-in station.
  • Minimum Lap Requirements: Each racer on a team is required to complete a minimum number of laps during the 24-hour period. For example: Each member on a Men's Team is required to complete 15 laps. If a team does not complete the minimum laps for each of its teammates then the team will be listed as DNF (Did Not Finish). See next rule-Scratching a Rider- for other options.
  • Scratching a Rider: In the event that a team loses one of its teammates due to illness, injury or exhaustion, that team may elect to “scratch” that rider from the team and continue to compete. However, the team will be penalized a lap for every lap that the teammate did not complete in the minimum lap requirement. For example, if a rider were scratched after completing one lap then the penalty for his or her team would be 14laps nullified. The team captain or co-captain must notify the registrar as to which teammate is scratched. Once taken off the team, a racer may not reenter the race. If the team loses a second teammate then that team is DNF.
  • Each team member must complete a minimum of 15 laps. Teams will be penalized a lap for each lap not completed by each member.
  • If a team member cannot complete his/her lap, the team has the option of starting the lap over with a new rider. They will, however, lose the distance and time of the incomplete lap. The replacement racer must check-in with the transition official prior to beginning the lap.
  • A racer may ride consecutive laps, but must log out at the Checking in station after each lap in order to log-in for the next lap. If a racer is staying in for additional laps, the racer must log-out from the first lap by telling the registrar that they are in and going back out. The registrar will then record the log in time and the log out time (which is the log in time). The racer can then begin his or her additional lap. If a racer does not follow this procedure on each lap, only one lap will be counted.
  • No reverse riding allowed on the course!
  • Teammates may cannibalize each other's bikes and swap if necessary. Riders may accept mechanical support on the course by any registered racer, but support crews can help only in the transition area or at the base camp.
  • Technical or Mechanical support on course may only be supplied by registered racers. Supporting racers must access the course under their own power (i.e. foot travel or on bike) and that access can only be achieved by going in the direction of the course. Shortcutting the course is not allowed. Supporting racers should stay clear of all competing racers. Supporting racers may take any equipment or tools with them; they may even swap bikes with a teammate. Support can be provided by any registered racer, on any team, to any registered racer on any team.
  • Riders may accept food and water from anyone on the course; however racers must stay clear of course when feeding. Penalties given for littering on course!!
  • We suggest that each team have a support crew of at least 1 or 2 persons who are not racing to assist with various jobs such as organizing transitions, cooking, assisting with mechanical problems. And counter checking the teams number of laps.
  • Toilets are available throughout the weekend. Please use the toilets & not the woods.
  • You will need all of your own camping supplies.
  • All riders beginning a lap between 6:00pm and 6:00am will be required to have a primary and a secondary light source and a blinker or tail light. The primary light source must be at least 4 watts and secured to your bike or helmet. The secondary light source may be a flashlight, penlight or similar lighting system. The on & off times for lights are subject to Race director’s discretion. Weather will play a significant role in this determination. Announcements will be made of exact times.
  • Racers entering the course between 6:00pm Saturday and 6:00am Sunday must show that both the primary and secondary light sources are in good working order and are functioning. If we determine that your lighting system is not acceptable you will not be allowed on course. After 7:00pm on Saturday, riders are required to ride with the lights burning. Riding with lights out to save batteries is both dangerous and against the rules. Lights must remain on when entering or leaving the scoring tent. After 6:00am on Sunday, lights may be turned off and dismounted.
  • It is against the rules for riders to ride with their lights out to save batteries. Riders violating this rule will have their current lap nullified.
  • Come prepared with completely charged, extra batteries so you can be completely self-sufficient for 24 hours. Taking someone else's battery will be grounds for disqualification of the entire team.
  • Verifying the Log Sheet:
    • Laps will be compiled and recorded for each racer and listed on the bottom of each teams’ log sheet.
    • It’s the team’s responsibility to verify that each rider is logged-in and logged-out correctly.
    • Please be patient and courteous while verifying information with your registrar.
    • A good habit is to state your number first, then your name, to confirm that your registrar is logging you in correctly.
  • All local city ordinances and park rules will be in effect, including:
    • No firearms
    • No illegal drugs
    • No dogs allowed
    • No camp fire
    • No Littering
  • Additional Rules and regulations:
    • Only riders officially entered in the event or designated as "Official Course Marshalls" may ride on the designated racecourse.
    • Each rider while racing must wear his/her race number and numberplate.
    • Wearing a buckled helmet is mandatory anytime you are on your bike on the property (not just when you are racing)!
    • All captains must attend the pre-race meeting.
    • Ignorance of any of these rules is not an excuse.
    • Foul riding, unsportsmanlike behavior, or the use of profane or abusive language, are grounds for warning, and/or disqualification of a team.
    • Short cutting the course can be grounds for automatic disqualification of the entire team or solo rider. If a racer makes a mistake, and he/she reports it to the officials before it is discovered, a lap adjustment will be made rather than a DQ.
    • Racers riding bicycles have the right of way over racers pushing bicycles. When practical, racers pushing should stay on the least rideable portion of the path when being passed. Riders should say pleasantly, "Track, on your left" or “Track, on your right" when passing other riders.
    • All protests must be made by team captains to an official. Protests may be made during the event and up to 15 minutes after the final results are posted. All protests must be made in a respectful manner to an official. Officials will have the final decision on all protests.
  • Safety is a priority. If you come across an injured rider or a potentially unsafe situation, you are encouraged to stop and assist.
  • The Head Official shall have final say in all disputes or questions about rules.
  • The Race Directors will be given the final decision regarding any occurrence at the event including those not addressed in these rules.



  • The race will end at 1:00 in the afternoon on Sunday for all race groups. Each team must have a rider LOGGED IN and ON COURSE at 12:00 noon on Sunday.
  • Teams may stop at any time. The time and laps completed will be recorded and scored appropriately.
  • Teams finishing a lap before 1:00 PM may still start another lap, as long as they start before 24:00:00 on the official race clock. This lap will count with respect to time and laps completed.
  • The time and number of laps completed by each team or solo will determine their finishing order.
  • In case of a tie in laps, the team who finishes their last lap first will beat those who finish behind them (Team that has completed 28 laps with a finish time of 12:31pm would beat a team that completed 28 laps, finishing at 12:47pm. And of course, a team that completed 29 laps, finishing at 12:50pm would beat them both.)
  • Also, if a team member did not meet his or her lap requirements, then that team is also listed as DNF.
  • A lap is officially finished when the rider passes the line indicating the Checkpoint.
  • The race will officially end at 1:00PM Sunday. If your last rider is not logged off by then the lap will not count.
  • The Final Rule: Follow the spirit of the event. This event is about endurance, camaraderie, competition, sportsmanship, skill, desire, confidence, mental & physical conditioning and teamwork. Most importantly it is about FUN! Be Prepared! We encourage all of you to build a strong team of riders and support people for the weekend. Do your research and show up ready to enjoy the weekend. Our group is always ready to help. We want you to walk (or crawl) away from this event feeling as good as we do when it's over.
To ensure a safe event we take these rules very seriously.
Rules are subject to change.




1. Bike:

1.1. Equipment: Only mountain bikes are legal for competition.

  • Cyclo-cross bikes are not allowed.
  • No drop handlebars are allowed. No aero bars are allowed.
  • All bikes must have 26” or 29” wheels.

1.2. Helmets: ANSI Certified helmets must be worn, with buckles securely fastened, at all times while the bicycle is in motion.

  • Warning: Two (2) minute penalty.
  • Refusal to wear helmet: Disqualification.

1.3. Personal Audio/Music Devices: No type of sound/music device is allowed during competition. Examples: NO headsets, tape players, CD players, MP3 players or 2-way radios may be worn.

1.4. Transition etiquette:

  • Riding in Transition at any time is prohibited.
  • Bicycles must be returned to the same location on the bike rack.
  • Bicycles must be securely placed on the bike rack – not left on the ground.

1.5. One Bike: Racers shall complete the entire event on the same bicycle upon which the event was begun. Athletes must return to the Bike/Run transition with a complete bicycle to be allowed to continue. No bicycle parts may be left on the course.

1.6. Cutting the course: Short-cutting and/or cutting trail switchbacks or course is not permitted and may result in disqualification. A rider is required to stay on the designated trail that is marked and or specified as the racecourse. It is the rider's responsibility to know the designated racecourse. Lack of tape or barrier on the course will not be constituted as an excuse for cutting course.

1.7. Passing: Lapped riders must yield to overtaking riders. Riders should voice the command "Track!” or “On your left," when overtaking another. It is the responsibility of faster rider to overtake safely. Slower riders must yield to the passing rider on the first command. In the event two riders are racing for position, the leading rider does not have to yield his position to the challenging rider. However, a rider may not bodily interfere with or impede another rider's progress.

1.8. Drafting: Drafting is allowed.

1.9. Bike Numbers: Bike numbers must be mounted on the handlebars facing forward. Cutting of numbers or altering with sponsor stickers is not allowed. There will be a warning for not having your number on the front of your bike, second infraction will be a 2 minute penalty. A 2-minute penalty will be assessed for losing your bike number.

2. Run:

2.1. Numbers: Numbers must be worn on the front of the body. Cutting numbers or altering with sponsor stickers is not allowed. There will be a warning for not having your number on the front of your body, second infraction will be a 2 minute penalty. A 2-minute penalty will be assessed for losing your run number.

2.2. Personal Audio/Music Device: No type of sound/music device is allowed during competition. Examples: no headsets, tape players, CD players, MP3 players or 2-way radios may be worn.

2.3. Cutting the course: Short-cutting and/or cutting trail switchbacks or course is not permitted and may result in disqualification. A runner is required to stay on the designated trail that is marked and or specified as the racecourse. It is the runner's responsibility to know the designated racecourse. Lack of tape or barrier on the course will not be constituted as an excuse for cutting course.

3. General Rules:

3.1. Ignorance of the rules is not admitted as an excuse.

3.2. It is the racer's responsibility to maintain adequate hydration. Organizer will provide

3.3. Cutting the course: Short-cutting and/or cutting trail switchbacks or course is not permitted and may result in disqualification. A rider/runner is required to stay on the designated trail that is marked and or specified as the racecourse. It is the rider's/runner’s responsibility to know the designated racecourse. Lack of tape or barrier on the course will not be constituted as an excuse for cutting course.

3.4. Outside assistance:

  • Limited outside assistance is allowed from another athlete competing in the same event.
  • No outside assistance is allowed from any person not competing in the same event. These include but are not limited to spectators, friends, family, volunteers, support crew, photographers, police or marshals.
  • Assistance is limited to tools, tubes or any item that would be used to repair a faulty part or damaged bicycle or water, food, or first aid. Changing bikes is not allowed.
  • Example: a competing athlete is allowed to give another athlete a chain tool or link or a complete chain. A competing athlete can give another athlete a tire patch, tube or complete wheel. But an athlete cannot exchange bikes with another competitor so that the competitor with the broken bike can simply continue without fixing the break.

3.5. Cunduct: Foul riding or running, unsportsmanlike behavior or the use of profane or abusive language is grounds for warning, relegation, disqualification or fine.

3.6. Protest: Protests of any nature must be submitted within one hour of the finish time of the person lodging the protest. Protests must be submitted in writing and signed by the accuser. Saying somebody cut the course is not good enough – it must be written and described as accurately as possible. All protests will be investigated. Because of the nature of off road races, it is not always possible to see infractions. This race is in the woods, out of sight and marshaled only where necessary. In every case there will need to be verification of the infraction. Officials will not be drawn into a “hear-say” argument.

3.7. Penalties: Penalties will be determined by the severity of the infraction. The minimum penalty will always be 2 minutes. The maximum penalty will be disqualification from the results of the event and/or a loss of prize money.

3.8. Cut-Off Times: Cut-off times is usually applied on multisport races. Cut-off will be at T2; the bike to run transition. All athletes must make entry to T2 within 3.5 hours of the start of the race. Where there are wave starts, the 3.5 hours will be measured from the last start of the race.

  • In some cases the head official may alter the cutoff time.
  • Each of these events will publicize a cut off time if one will be enforced




  1. Each rider is given 3 attempts to perform his trick.
  2. There will be two ramps in the tracks, one vertical and launch ramp. Riders may choose in which ramp they will perform their trick.
  3. Three judges will score each jump.
  4. Scoring will be 1-10, 10 being the highest.
  5. Scores will be tallied and the highest score will win.
  6. In case of a tie in the total score, the rider with highest score in the final jump wins.
  7. In case of a tie in the final score, the score in the 2nd attempt will be used.