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Mountain Bike Philippines 6th Issue Now Available

They say a person is defined by what one does, says and thinks. So how do we define ourselves? We are bikers! When we don’t have time to hit the trails, we find ourselves at a bike shop, at home on the internet searching our local forums for goodies, or reading our favorite Mountain Bike magazine! Before every ride we talk about where our bikes will take us, during the ride we talk about the bikes were riding and the techniques we will be needing for our paths ahead, and after the ride, we talk about the thrills and spills that have just occurred. We think about biking all the time, we even think about biking while were biking!

It is safe to say that most of us look at mountain biking as more of a lifestyle rather than a hobby. Lifestyle is defined as a way a person or groups live. And boy, do we live biking.