Mountain Bike Philippines 4th Issue Now Available
Friday, July 29, 2011 at 1:36 PM
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Our beloved sport and hobby still continues to grow and adapt with our changing times. Although nothing beats experience and precious “saddle time”, sometimes, it’s just not enough. We continually search the web, read magazines, talk shop and even go through the long process of trial and error. Either to look for answers or just to simply scratch that curiosity itch that’s been bugging us. We all know that the rider we were just a few months ago is not the rider we are today and will defi nitely not be the rider we will be in the future.

In this issue, we tackle some topics to help us become the kind of rider we really are or want to be. Coach “Eboy” Farr teaches us the importance of proper body positions (p.22) to aid us in confronting various trail conditions. This just might be useful while you try polishing your riding skills and ride on the various trails that Sta. Rosa, Laguna has to offer (p.28).

We also included some factors you should consider when getting new tires, main features that make up the suspension designs available in the market and a page in the life of our veteran-newbie, Joe (p.25).

Learn your craft, invest some time and familiarize yourself with others aspects involved in what we love to do. Try new things, ride new trails, do a little research or just go outside, ride your bike and enjoy your next great adventure.

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